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Mental Health and Art

My thirty heart yearns for expression,Burdens of responsibility, stress, and depression,Cause me to depart,From the things that hydrate my heart,Then I am reminded,Given new sight after being blinded,By some experience, direct or indirect,Called back by some effect,Perhaps some movie on Netflix,Bring fresh words to my fingers tips. Balance from chaos through little white pills,At a… Continue reading Mental Health and Art

Mental Health · Perception · Poetry

Check On Your Friends

What if I'm fine didn't mean "okay" in words,Perhaps the truth doesn't come in verbs,My perceptions often creates a hostile attribution bias,Where my brain becomes overwhelmed by lies,Suddenly my environment no longer feels secure,A mirage of rejection and disdain begins to obscure,The view of the people I've known for years,Their fondness for me disappears. Have… Continue reading Check On Your Friends

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Bubbles Bring Me Peace

Walking through life with rejection as a filter is rough,No return text, cancel of plans, not invited, sideways glance,Second questioning what I've done or said, Not being enough,Then I remember the bubbles...A wonderful lady once told me that everyone is in their own bubbles,On their own journeys,Sometimes your bubble and their bubble collide,But all bubbles… Continue reading Bubbles Bring Me Peace

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Born With It

Writing Exercise - Words of the Day (04/24) One day I was born, and I came out screaming like any other human. 10 fingers and 10 toes. No indication to those around me that my sexuality was gay. "You are talking about a baby that's absurd! Kids shouldn't know about that word. School children should… Continue reading Born With It

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Passing of Time

Word of the Day - Writing Exercise (04/23) Looking askance at the clock. Time is the enemy of both the young and the old. The young children protest because it moves not fast enough. Watching as it ticks down for recess, the end of the school day, the arrival of the weekend, and of summer.… Continue reading Passing of Time