Poetry · Random thoughts

Bubbles Bring Me Peace

Walking through life with rejection as a filter is rough,
No return text, cancel of plans, not invited, sideways glance,
Second questioning what I’ve done or said,
Not being enough,
Then I remember the bubbles…
A wonderful lady once told me that everyone is in their own bubbles,
On their own journeys,
Sometimes your bubble and their bubble collide,
But all bubbles drift or they pop,
Very rarely do they collide and join together forever,
I have no control over whose mine will bump into,
Let alone which ones will stay,
And it is meant to be that way,
It isn’t rejection, it’s the universal musical chairs,
This brings me a lot of comfort,
Have you ever tried to force two bubbles together?
It is a mess,
It is not up to us to force the connection,
When viewed in this light,
I am able to just enjoy who happens to be there when the music stops.

Cover: Photo by Alfred Kenneally on Unsplash

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