I unbutton my shirt and open the window,
Revealing the dirty parts of my heart.
With my words I display my flaws,
Forming a mirror in which is a reflection of you.
Courage departs to doubt,
Did you hear me? What do you see?
Old wounds lying bare, scabbed partially bleeding,
Each disclosure rubbing them ever so slightly.
Am I being helpful or seeking acceptance?
Does it aid in my healing or delay it?
Painful to be seen, but even more so to carry this alone.
Relate and not compare.
Connection only through the removal of masks.
I will continue to expose myself to you,
Will you get naked with me?

Future Me

This heavy sheath,
Draped around my shoulders,
Pressing against the curves on my hips,
Pulling on the skin beneath my arms,
Tugging on my second chin,
Hate oozing out from within.

Unable to perfect my goals,
Self-discipline steps out for a meal,
Dictating how I feel,
Not giving up,
But not getting there.
As my fat disappears, so will my isolation,
Acceptance and love, always just another 10 pounds away.
Unable to be seen, until I am worthy to be seen.

Cognitive dissonance puts the monster in hibernation for awhile,
Psychologically incapable of holding it for long,
But it returns,
It awakens,
Like walking out of a dark theater,
Painfully blinding.

Digging in my heals,
Trying to stay in today,
Impatient for the future me,
You’d like her.

Destination You

Drinking in the richness of you,
My thirst never quenched,
Fluent in sweet sunny gazes,
Interpreting your heart from your kisses,
Spinning in orbit around your finger,
Gravity pulling me close,
Landing my lips on your surface,
My path lit by the stars in my eyes,
As I travel the journey of your past,
Exploring the peaks and valleys of your soul,
Stopping to rest in the pillows of your touch,
Enjoying the slight breeze of your breath on my neck,
As your delicate words drip on my ears,
My future lying in my arms,
The map clearly marked, destination, you.

Energy Storm

A thick foggy haze of fuck you, surrounds me,
The forecast had not predicted disturbed energy,
Perhaps there was a red sky this morning,
Or other signs that this was forming,
The disease under my skin,
My allergies of people kicking in,
Itching to run,
My emotional clouds smothering the sun,
Zero visibility through this thinking,
The rains of this storm have me sinking.
It’s terrifying, the drama, as it rages through,
Wondering, will this be the one to cause me to unglue?

I wish…

I wish the world was a different place,
Where we didn’t feel the need to compete,
Put downs and social media posts weren’t used to feel more complete,
Gossip and judgement wasn’t a way to belong,
That it wasn’t more important to be right, than to be wrong,
Where egos weren’t constantly on the defensive,
And happiness wasn’t so expensive.

I wish of a world not fettered with fear,
Where we talked less in order to better hear,
Outer beauty was valued less than the beauty within,
You didn’t have to lose, for others to win.

I wish for a world where it is understood,
Who you are is not defined by your livelihood,
Sometimes you gain by subtraction.
People don’t need fixed, they need compassion,
Giving doesn’t mean you receive less,
The more you give, the more you possess.
A win win, is better than a win lose,
Empathy is found in someone else’s shoes.
You are not alone,
You are more than the dash between two dates on a headstone.
Everyone has worth,
It came automatically at your time of birth.
Pain is unavoidable but suffering is not,
To change your life, simply change your thoughts.


Nighttime Memories

A temperature that’s possessed,
Hope wrapped in a breeze,
After the sun rests,
Awoke memories.

Flickering of moments perfect in time.
The future stretched as far as the sky,
Adventures awaited as the waves collected,
Sparkling jewels from the refracted moonshine.

The heart always heeds to its call,
Regardless of the age or place,
When magic mainstreams the nightfall,
Worries briefly erase.

Memories of youth by the sea,
Feelings felt from back then,
For a moment, wild, young and carefree,
Until the present takes over again.

Wild and Wily Wind

No telling where it all began,
Or to where it may go and end,
Consisting of gas,
Lacking of mass,
Cannot be seen,
Power source that’s clean,
Disturbing the seas,
Talking through trees,
Comfort on hot nights,
Necessary for flights,
Spreading seeds, helping things grow,
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow,
Capable of large scale destruction,
When absent creator of suction,
Carrier of balloons,
Feeding typhoons,
Something a flame requires,
Expanding wildfires,
Sailing ships across Oceans,
Contributor of erosions,
Gods in Greek Mythology,
An element of Astrology,
Wild and undisciplined,

The Wind

Appreciation Before Depreciation

Heart that beats without distress,
Comfortable nights rest,
Bending with ease,
Walks with pain free knees,
Driving with no restrictions,
Healthy with no addictions,
Bed that is safe and warm,
Umbrella during a thunderstorm,
Thoughts and no headaches,
Clear skin without outbreaks,
Food to eat,
Shoes on feet,
Free without a case,
An affectionate embrace,
Love of family on holidays,
Drives with no delays,
Snuggling with mans best friend,
Wounds that quickly mend,
Losing weight without effort,
Forgiveness for not knowing better,
Having someone to pay your bills,
Kissed booboos on your spills,
Roof to keep you safe and dry,
Spouse to dry your crying eye,
Full set of teeth,
Clear lungs as you breathe,
Spryness of youth,
Wrinkle free, soft, and smooth,
Feelings of peace and calm,
Security of your dad and mom.

While you have them take advantage,
Don’t take these things for granted,
Embrace them while they exist,
Because once they’re gone they are sorely missed.