It is that time of year,
As the holidays draw near,
Florida temps drop down to 70,
Everyone seems a bit spiced with some levity,
The wind blowing through the trees,
The smell of the sea in the breeze,
Makes this romantic heart dream,
Memories on continuous stream,

Marveling at this life I’ve lived,
From roaming corn fields and country roads,
To huffing freon and blacked out tragic episodes,
100 pounds gained and lost,
Sobriety found, and old ways tossed,
New career opportunities offers the world,
Distant love unfurled,
Monumental and transcendental
Giant Buddha and ancient temples,
Coming out amongst the Wisconsin cheese,
Toxic relationships that brought me to my knees,
Marriage and then divorce,
Relapse, geographical cures, DUI, and the courts,
Therapy, mindfulness, minimalism, and rediscovery of,
Recovery, mental health, medication, and mood management,
Masters in Education graduate,
140 pounds acquired, and more than half of it departed,
This heart, heavily guarded,
Easily thwarted by an old flame re-lit,
New future in transit.

Not one moment of regret,
Looking forward to the best yet.

Cover Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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