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Seeking a Feeling

The great adventure,
I can see it when I look beyond my window,
Cloudy skies over new horizons,
Crowded dark lit rooms filled with interesting people,
When I think of these scenes I realize I’ve already experienced them before,
That is when it occurs, that it isn’t a place I am seeking but a feeling,
Perhaps that is all we ever are looking for,
We travel here or there,
Seek him or her,
All the while hoping for a feeling that is within,
Our entire life we are either running from or pursuing a feeling,
Yet they are ours to own,
We can’t run from them,
Can we make them be shown?
Can I conjure up the one that is outside my window?
The one with cloudy skies over new horizons and in crowded dark lit rooms?
Does every person have their favorite? Does it depend?
The one that is on my mind is perhaps excitement when you are journeying,
Excitement with a mix of anticipation,
As there are few things greater than the thing itself,
Then the days or moments leading up to it,
It is the feeling of the freedom to re-create who you are,
The optimistic belief in something new,
A new start, new life, new you,
I believe that is why we all cherish travel,
Each destination is an opportunity to pretend,
That this new life is yours and you are whoever you want to envision,
So sad when it ends,
Maybe there is a way to feel how you want without having to change the external,
These feelings are mine so why can’t I control them,
I want to wake up to the feeling of top-gun sunrises, Maverick and Charlie, on the back of a Harley,
Get coffee with the feeling of fried green tomatoes in small Georgia cafes,
For work, I’ll take Erin Brockovich, Julie Roberts, sexy as I slay,
In the afternoon, with sunny skies, fly fishing, where a river runs through it,
My night, poetry and painting with the Rachel McAdams on a country patio, candlelit,
So perfectly movies capture the feelings I seek,
I think cinema has ruined me.

Cover: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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