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Words Are Magic

The best thing about writing is you can build anything with words. They are yours and like boards put together for sale, others can choose to procure or ignore the retail. When you write, you can be outlandish and egotistic. Or factual and realistic. You can be sappy and romantic, professing love that will never die. You can lie. Anger and resentment can course through like swords. You can create characters with great discord. You may reminisce in nostalgia, fantasize, and fabricate. You can educate as you articulate. Words can construct or destruct. You have the freedom to disrupt society just with a paragraph or two. You can express your own view.

You can make your words rhyme or not at all. You can use fancy words like pontificate or keep them small. You can punctuate you to y’all. You can elaborate and ramble or be disjointed in shambles. With a simile you can be divine as a God. Or be as broke as the poor. And if words are magic, it might be a metaphor. You can make an analogy about love and war. You can figuratively explore or choose to ignore grammatical rules that will literally drive people crazy. You can create a clear picture or purposefully make it hazy. Words never cease to amaze me.

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