Poetry · Random thoughts

Just a Friend

**Inspired by the song “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie

Have you ever had a friend that you want to date,
But regardless of the convo, she’s too stubborn to reciprocate,
When all you want is some slight affection,
For a little mental masturbate,
Each time you get together,
Hands and lips tend to wander,
However, it’s enough to make you ponder.
Whether she just really likes to skate,
That line between the bend,
Cuz she says she’s just a friend…

Timing has definitely been an issue,
You’ve both have been through some shit,
So you give her space for a bit,
Over time you’ve gotten her to admit,
That she loves you and thinks you’re cute,
The next minute she goes mute,
Then she says she is just a friend.

So let’s just think about this logically,
You can talk about anything from recovery to psychology,
She admires your drive and you, her empathetic physiology,
But no matter what you do,
It is still a debate,
She won’t let down that guarded heart even tho you wait,
What is one to do when it feels like your love is an undervalued commodity,
And you’d like more than just comradery,
But she says she is just your friend.

Cover Photo by Jorge Saavedra on Unsplash

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