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Born With It

Writing Exercise – Words of the Day (04/24)

One day I was born, and I came out screaming like any other human. 10 fingers and 10 toes. No indication to those around me that my sexuality was gay.

“You are talking about a baby that’s absurd! Kids shouldn’t know about that word. School children should only hear language that we deem is ok. We don’t want you and your grooming to make them turn out that way.”

But I was 5 with a crush, her name was Nikki, not Rus, and your conservative virus left me swimming in euxinia. The absent representation in the media, and the lack of discussion in family, school, and church, intimated that who I was, was not alright. For three years I cried myself to sleep at night. I was not groomed, it was not talked about, it was not in any book, yet there I was little gay me.

I promise you it is all good, to say lesbian, straight, transgender, and gay. There is no way to talk someone in or out. It isn’t something someone decides and then quits. It isn’t a look you try on for a fit. Sexuality isn’t something I grew into. I was born with it.

Words of the Day:

  • Deem means “to come to think or judge,” “to consider,” or “to have an opinion.”
  • Euxinia – anoxia, or depletion of oxygen, in a body of water, along with a high level of hydrogen sulfide, a condition toxic to aquatic organisms.
  • Virus –  an extremely small living thing that causes a disease and that spreads from one person or animal to another
  • Intimate – means to indicate something in a barely perceptible way 

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