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Painful Thoughts – Day 2

Well, yesterday was extremely painful. I allowed the stories in my head to pretty much ruin the whole day. And unfortunately, I am still not in a better place today. Ugh, I am so frustrated, hurt, and angry. A lot of anger. Let's get you caught up, so I shared my blog about my thoughts… Continue reading Painful Thoughts – Day 2

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Love Of All Things Therapy

Love me some therapy, The doctoral-type notes she takes make me feel like what I have to say is important,The sense of comfort feeling that the wisdom of some solution lies on that pad, Fascinated as I watch how professionally and nonchalantly, she directs the flow of conversation traffic,Appreciating the significant skill and years of… Continue reading Love Of All Things Therapy

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It is OK to be smart in recovery

There are certain one liners in 12-step recovery that absolutely drive me crazy. My least favorite is that “you can be too smart to get sober but not too dumb.” I understand the overall meaning of this. It is about ego and being humble. However, the context in which it is often used is to… Continue reading It is OK to be smart in recovery