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Curious Creative Seeker

Writing Exercise - Word of the Day (04/30) I get it. It is scary having a nefarious disease. Therefore, having a structured program that promises basically freedom of bondage from self and addiction, feels very safe. If I can do this one thing perfectly, this presents to my community an image of goodness and well-being.… Continue reading Curious Creative Seeker

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Mixed Up at Birth

Writing Exercise - Shorty Story (04/26) Every morning he wakes up and offers himself as a minion of one amongst the many disjecta membra of society. It was impressed upon him that to become more useful he must remember his own fallibility. He must humble himself and proffer himself for the use of the higher… Continue reading Mixed Up at Birth

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Born With It

Writing Exercise - Words of the Day (04/24) One day I was born, and I came out screaming like any other human. 10 fingers and 10 toes. No indication to those around me that my sexuality was gay. "You are talking about a baby that's absurd! Kids shouldn't know about that word. School children should… Continue reading Born With It

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Passing of Time

Word of the Day - Writing Exercise (04/23) Looking askance at the clock. Time is the enemy of both the young and the old. The young children protest because it moves not fast enough. Watching as it ticks down for recess, the end of the school day, the arrival of the weekend, and of summer.… Continue reading Passing of Time

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Vomit Diaries – The Quintessential Recovery Method

The quintessential recovery method from addiction, I think it is fair to say has not yet been discovered. Those who would disagree are generally those that have succeeded in achieving recovery using a specific method. If it worked for me, it should work for everyone, right? It is easy to begin judging others who don't… Continue reading Vomit Diaries – The Quintessential Recovery Method

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Why I Only Talk About Weather…

The conversation we had today, I more or less just listened to you talk about your life. You seemed fine to hear about how my neighbor cut down their tree or that they are building apartments at the end of my street. However, when I tried to turn the subject to my career, current or… Continue reading Why I Only Talk About Weather…