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Bad Dream

I haven’t written in a while but I woke up from such a bad dream I thought I should share it. So I’ve been waiting over a month to go back to my therapist to sort out some shit I’ve been going through. In my dream it was the day of the appointment and when I arrive, the building her office is in apparently was hosting some sort of concert. The session continues to get interrupted by random people. Once by her office manager advising her she could leave early due to the concert and then two additional times from just random people. I was trying to be understanding but selfishly annoyed and finally I was just over it. So I left the appointment barefoot. Which is the weird part. Why had I taken off my shoes and socks?

There I was barefoot and trying to leave the building to get to my car and the building all of the sudden is this maze of stairs and entrances. It resembled the scene in the movie The Labyrinth where you have all the stairs that kept moving, or perhaps Harry Potter. I kept finding outside entrance doors but when I went out them they were to the wrong side of the building and there seemed no logical way to find the parking lot with my car. I kept going back into the building to try to find another exit but unsuccessfully.

At one point I was outside and there was this large hill thing I had to try to climb up which I was in the middle of doing when some woman kept fucking with me trying to get me to fall. I bumped her leg with my shoulder and she flung herself to the ground, a total flop. Her friend who had apparently been standing nearby had snapped a picture of her on the ground and told her friend she should report me. So she called the cops. The cop arrived and gathered up all the phones as evidence and then took me inside to review the phones. After the review of the phones, he agreed with my story and set me loose but he couldn’t find my phone.

So I am now back in the building, sockless, shoeless, and now phoneless, and back on my mission to find the exit. At some point, I ran into Peeta from the Hunger Games. He apparently was on his way to his therapy appointment and he used the same therapist as me. I decided to go with him so I could get my socks and shoes. I was in the room and he was thanking her for contacting the office building to get contracted to paint a mural. Man, the jealousy and insecurity boiled inside. Why had she gone above and beyond for him? She never contacted anyone about my art. Anyway, so I got my shoes and socks and I leave to try to go home again. The last thing I remember before waking up was just the lines of people going to this concert. Some of the people in the crowd were friends from high school and they all had circles of friends they were with. I remember feeling so alone and unloved and insecure.

Cover Photo by John T on Unsplash

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