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Quick Thoughts – 07/26

Working on a journal my therapist recommended shadow work. It will supposedly help me with my attachment issues. Today’s journal prompt was about describing my relationship with my mother as a child. The problem is I don’t remember. I can remember a few specific events. But in general, I remember very little of my childhood. Started some of my reading for my homework assignment this week. It is a good feeling when the research you are digging into seems to align with the reading you’ve been doing for leisure over the last 6 months. Makes you feel like perhaps the universe is guiding you in some way. I find the topic I am researching very interesting and inspiring.

Currently, I am researching interventions targeting goals, self-efficacy, motivation, and beliefs, and how those potentially can be protective factors and/or treatment for both mental health and alcohol and drug use. The books I’ve been reading in my personal time for the last 6 months have all been associated with habits and currently Albert Bandura’s book on Self-Efficacy. Everything seems connected. I am certain much of my interest is for selfish reasons. I myself struggle with achieving certain personal goals, one related to finance, and the other regarding my weight. I suppose there is some part of me that hopes in the process of this research I can be the guinea pig and benefit from what I find. Our brains are these fascinating complicated computer systems that I am desperately trying to figure out how to hack.

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