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Love Of All Things Therapy

Love me some therapy, The doctoral-type notes she takes make me feel like what I have to say is important,The sense of comfort feeling that the wisdom of some solution lies on that pad, Fascinated as I watch how professionally and nonchalantly, she directs the flow of conversation traffic,Appreciating the significant skill and years of… Continue reading Love Of All Things Therapy

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Why I Only Talk About Weather…

The conversation we had today, I more or less just listened to you talk about your life. You seemed fine to hear about how my neighbor cut down their tree or that they are building apartments at the end of my street. However, when I tried to turn the subject to my career, current or… Continue reading Why I Only Talk About Weather…

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Getting What You Want Requires Doing What You Don’t

Getting what you want is hard. Who knew how important the things our parents made us do growing up were. Things like teaching us to not quit or doing chores. Things that teach you the very hard lesson that to reach major goals requires you to do things you don't want to do, consistently. Twice… Continue reading Getting What You Want Requires Doing What You Don’t