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Let’s Talk About Addiction

Below is a summary of the sections I found most interesting in the article I read today. The article is titled, "The Classification of Substance Use Disorders: Historical, Contextual, and Conceptual Considerations" (Robinson & Adinoff, 2016). What stood out to me was the discussion on the history of drug use. It explained how cultural, political,… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Addiction

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The Walleteer

He staggered attempting to keep his footing against the swirling earth below his unkempt kegs. The morning commuters avoided looking in his direction with annoyance and pity on their face. The walleteer in his unbuttoned long sleeve shirt and tattered jeans with his hair in omnishambles made every attempt to schmooze passersby. His dirt-covered hands… Continue reading The Walleteer

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Curious Creative Seeker

Writing Exercise - Word of the Day (04/30) I get it. It is scary having a nefarious disease. Therefore, having a structured program that promises basically freedom of bondage from self and addiction, feels very safe. If I can do this one thing perfectly, this presents to my community an image of goodness and well-being.… Continue reading Curious Creative Seeker