Daily Writing · Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 01/09/23

Good Monday morning! Another whole week ahead. Let’s take a look at my week. Today, work, of course; after work, I have to run a few errands and begin reviewing this week’s Statistics assignment. I also need to call and try to find another lawn company. I have officially fired my fourth. The lawn companies in this area are legitimately the worst.

Tuesday is the same as Monday, except I have a statistics support session I am attending from 8 to 9 pm.

Wednesday is work and my detox commitment; no homework on Wednesday.

Thursday is the same as Tuesday, with work, homework, and a statistics support session from 8 to 9 pm.

Friday is the same as Tuesday and Thursday.

I will spend the weekend doing homework and meal prep for the week ahead. I have plans to go to the beach on Sunday with some folks. This weekend is also a long three-day weekend which I VERY much appreciate. It’ll be my last holiday and time off until April.

Not much excitement going on this week. I am currently in a 12-week statistics course, and most of my upcoming weeks are going to look precisely as the above, with some doctor’s appointments thrown in. Surprisingly enough, I don’t have any doctor’s appointments this week.

Wishing you all peace in present moments this week.

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