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The Walleteer

He staggered attempting to keep his footing against the swirling earth below his unkempt kegs. The morning commuters avoided looking in his direction with annoyance and pity on their face. The walleteer in his unbuttoned long sleeve shirt and tattered jeans with his hair in omnishambles made every attempt to schmooze passersby. His dirt-covered hands… Continue reading The Walleteer

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Mixed Up at Birth

Writing Exercise - Shorty Story (04/26) Every morning he wakes up and offers himself as a minion of one amongst the many disjecta membra of society. It was impressed upon him that to become more useful he must remember his own fallibility. He must humble himself and proffer himself for the use of the higher… Continue reading Mixed Up at Birth

Short Story · Words of the Day · Writing Exercise

Be Careful What You Wish For

Winter was quick off the mark this year. Cold gusts had begun to blow through causing the leaves outside to pucker and drop more quickly. Winter coats were dug up from the back of storage closets. She had a hankering for a white Christmas but messed up by wishing for it too soon. Great oaks… Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For

Short Story · Words of the Day · Writing Exercise

Mass Transit

Men and women from the oppidan suburb that surrounds the great city forsake their circadian clocks.  They force themselves to be crepuscular creatures egressing from their slumber when the crow has not yet sung. They exit their homes to merge with strangers in mass transit for the city. They stand together nearly touching in silence… Continue reading Mass Transit