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The Artist’s Play

Word of the Day – Writing Exercise (04/22)

Each night as the moon appears and the sun closes its eyes the pages re-set. And as the sun rises, the author flips the page and with clean lines, begins to manuscribe the artistry of their day. Each moment is an orchestration between the universe and the conscious and unconscious choices of the elements at play. Will it be carefully constructed and heightened by the vernal sunshine? Will habits dictate the act? 24 hrs, 16 eligible for production, in what way will that time unfold?

How will the artist feel as their body casts a shadow on their pillow? A simulacrum of Picasso or Michelangelo. Does the Universe evaluate its work akin to this spectacle? Was it too sunny today? Or perhaps not enough? Was the pace of the wind and the waves too fast or too slow? Does anything other than humans judge life as it goes? Is it about production or appreciation? Perhaps the point is to just be. Is there more satisfaction in a job well done or in silently absorbing the sea?

Driven by feelings, looking in the rearview mirror, speeding to avoid the ones that seem to tell you that you aren’t enough. The ones that say that your day was ill-spent, your behavior was lacking, and no one will like you unless this…Resisting believing that your brain is just mean. What is its intent? Ignore it or explore it, it persists. It is there, like the curtains on the stage, ever-present, however, the control of whether to close them and sit in the dark or to turn on the stage lights is up to the artist. Regardless, the show will continue.

Words of the day:

  • Simulacrum is a superficial likeness or representation of something
  • Vernal –  of, relating to, or occurring in the spring vernal equinox vernal sunshine. 2 : fresh or new like the spring also : youthful.
  • HeightenHeighten means to increase the strength, power, or intensity of something, especially intangible things
  • manuscribe – a book, document, or piece of music written by hand rather than typed or printed.

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