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Morning Meditation

The dog barks from somewhere outside, High pitched shrill barks, A small dog for certain, Perhaps a Maltese... Clearly unhappy for being left, Is this an irritation? Or an opportunity to become present? The cooler which contains the 5-gallon jug of water, Buzzes and rattles as it seeks to cool the water, Smacking it will… Continue reading Morning Meditation

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Thinking Addiction

My greatest addiction, The cause of all my afflictions, Including my drinking, My stinking thinking. The voice that talks that is not me, The one who lies constantly, Driving down my self-esteem, Saying things that are just plain mean. If I don’t keep a conscious eye, And be the watcher as the thoughts pass by,… Continue reading Thinking Addiction

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80 Life Lesson Learned From Recovery

April 10th was the 80th anniversary of the textbook Alcoholics Anonymous. Since its inception it has helped carry the message into over 180 nations worldwide. It has been translated into over 67 different languages. The Big Book is amazing spiritual literature and it has changed my life. To celebrate its 80th Anniversary I've created a… Continue reading 80 Life Lesson Learned From Recovery