LGBT · Love · Poetry

Fuck Me With Your Mind

Make me wet with your intellect and all of your passion,
When you share your thoughts on psychology, science and politics, don’t ration,
Captivate me with the significance of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,
Expound upon Watergate and the Vietnam War,
Orate about Quantum Theory and how time does not exist,
Please don’t stop…I insist,
Give a discourse on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010,
My safe word is red, don’t worry, I’ll say when.

Discuss mass shooter psychology and gun laws,
All the titillating things that give my heart pause,
Talk to me about political parties and parliamentary systems,
Or your musings on string theory, I would not dare miss them,
Animate how critical in the bottom of the ninth is a sacrifice fly,
Explain that the number of runners who score is an RBI,
Unbutton my pants,
As we chat about Van Gogh’s depiction of Saint-Remy-de-Provence in the south of France.

While we debate the issues of stem cell research using human embryos,
Slowly strip off my clothes,
Gently touch me with a speech on the multi-universe and binary digits,
Or on black hole physics and all things delicious,
Spread my legs apart,
With your dissertation on Dante’s Inferno and the Miserere transcribed by Mozart,
Elucidate gender identity-based employment discrimination,
And the impacts of the first gay rights organization.

Tease me when you discuss casually,
Of all the work you are doing for LGBTQ advocacy,
Penetrate me with a lesson on the Suffragette movement and the history of feminism,
Thrust upon me a homily of the Tao, Christianity and Buddhism,
You might make me cum if you can talk coherently,
About non-guilt based recovery and attachment based therapy.

But if she can’t carry a conversation and pleasure my brain,
I’ll abstain,
If she is a girl of my kind,
She will fuck me with her mind.

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