Appreciation Before Depreciation

Heart that beats without distress,
Comfortable nights rest,
Bending with ease,
Walks with pain free knees,
Driving with no restrictions,
Healthy with no addictions,
Bed that is safe and warm,
Umbrella during a thunderstorm,
Thoughts and no headaches,
Clear skin without outbreaks,
Food to eat,
Shoes on feet,
Free without a case,
An affectionate embrace,
Love of family on holidays,
Drives with no delays,
Snuggling with mans best friend,
Wounds that quickly mend,
Losing weight without effort,
Forgiveness for not knowing better,
Having someone to pay your bills,
Kissed booboos on your spills,
Roof to keep you safe and dry,
Spouse to dry your crying eye,
Full set of teeth,
Clear lungs as you breathe,
Spryness of youth,
Wrinkle free, soft, and smooth,
Feelings of peace and calm,
Security of your dad and mom.

While you have them take advantage,
Don’t take these things for granted,
Embrace them while they exist,
Because once they’re gone they are sorely missed.


Show me the fruit of your harvest,
Is it sweet or rotten?
Does it provide only enough fruit for yourself?
Or does it feed many?
Does the fruit you harvest come from a sheltered house plant?
Or is it from a strong fruit tree that has sustained through all the elements?
Show me your harvest over a period of time,
Does it persevere and continue to produce great harvests year after year?

Awakening Hearts

Each tortured twisted human,
Judged and on the outskirts of salvation,
Before the world can understand,
A trail of inspiration,
In each one God had a hand,
Their plight is an illusion,
Looking back we see Gods plan,
Evolving consciousness, their contribution.

Inside their passion glows,
They speak without a plea,
Plagued by their earthly woes,
Their troubles set them free,
It is the broken and the lonely,
Who impact our history.

They sing because their unstable,
They paint to push out pain,
They’re not hippies for the label,
They dance despite the rain,
They write when they’re distressed,
They are full of grief and shame,
Seeking yet still perplexed,
For their purpose in which they came,
Through sharing of their arts,
Their suffering not in vain,
Awakening peoples hearts,
Gods ultimate campaign.

Emotional Storm

The waves endless push and pull,
Retracting it’s touch too soon,
Caving under the control,
Its plans disrupt by the moon.
The crest of the wave rides high,
Before being thrown to the ground,
When the tide finally subsides,
All the lost things are found.
A saddening plight,
It’s nature causing it to disturb what it adores,
The turbulent storm although often contrite,
Nevertheless erodes the calm shores.
The shallow drawn into the deep,
Where all life exists,
Ignoring the waves as they weep,
Pulled into the oceanic abyss.