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Mathew the Mouse Reflects on his voyage

Mathew swallowed hard on the rancid memory of the inimical words shared by the non-believers in his life. People who for whatever reason thought his plans for his future were laugh-worthy. The taste of their words gave him strength. Fear and doubt were always incredible motivaters for him whether they were his own or projected onto him by others. He saw clearly the goal sitting just beyond the brume. The ship’s destination for this future life included a time of rest and beauty. What awaited him was love, financial security, new possibilities, and adventures. Yes, this meant shedding his past, his life jacket, and his safety net, and saying goodbye to everything and everyone he knew. Not easy feats to say the least but life was short and he once promised himself that he would never let fear determine his destiny.

Words of the day:
 means “having an unpleasant smell or taste,” and is often used to describe food that is no longer fresh. It is also used to describe something (such as an encounter) that is offensive or distasteful.
Inimical – causing harm or injury, not friendly.
Brume – fog or mist

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