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The Adventure of Mathew the Mouse

Mathew, a brown-haired mouse both strong yet stumpy stood on the rustic railing of the great ship watching as waves broadsided the bow. The vastness of the ocean and all its unknown was terrifying, exhilarating, and awe-invoking. While his life and humble home he had made was an achievement and to be desired by many, he was destined for new and greater adventures. He was certain of it. He was simply following his heart and the path the universe set before him. This is what drove him to sell everything and board this ship. Many of his family and friends thought he was a smidgen on the crazy side and that his journey was on the precipice of a great collapse.

Words of the day:
Broadside most often refers to a very strong and harsh spoken or written attack, but it has other meanings as well, among them “an attack by a ship in which all the guns on one side of the ship are fired together.”
Precipice – the brink of a dangerous or potentially disastrous situation
Rustic –  of, relating to, or suitable for the country or people who live in the country
Smidgen – is a little bit of something. If you’re only hungry enough for a little bit of ice cream, you might ask for just a smidgen in your bowl.

Cover Photo by Giuseppe Martini on Unsplash

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