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The Fossor

Writing Exercise – Words of the Day

The fossor, gangly in stature, shouldered the spade that he would use for his labor. Yestereve he was informed that three new residents would be joining. He had a lot of work in front of him. When people saw him, they thought of him as a strange simpleminded man. Mainly because he was quiet and seemed very happy doing a job that many people found unsavory.

The fossor was intrinsically cerebal however, and the guerdon of his job were the hours he was left to aloft his thinking uninterrupted. He had always been curious in nature and enjoyed reflecting on the many wonders of the world around him. He was confused to learn that others lived a whole life without being overwhelmed with this type of thinking. How could you not be in constant awe about a planet that contained flying creatures of every shape, size and color, mamoth beasts, and a large burning rock that blinded you during the day. These were just the tip of the iceburg. He was surrounded by an enviornment that constantly left him in wonder.

His mother once told him that his mind was both a blessing and a curse. “You think too much,” she said “and for this you will suffer.” She expressed however, that his thoughts were a gift and that he should share them. She frequently encouraged him to write and tell stories. Reflecting on this made him sad. She was one of the few who had really understood him. He missed her. He buried her here near the open field with yellow wild flowers last spring.

Words of the day:

  • Cerebral means “of or relating to the brain or intellect,” or “primarily intellectual in nature.”
  • Guerdon – a reward, recompense, or requital.
  • Intrinsic is the best word to describe a quality held internally, by virtue of a person or a thing’s nature, that can’t be affected by outside forces 
  • Fossor – grave digger
  • Yestereve – Yesterday evening.

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

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