Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 09/19/22

Happy Monday morning everyone! This last week was a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Let’s do a review of last week before we dive into my week ahead. Last week I got into a relationship with someone I have loved and have been friends with for 12 years. This is my first official relationship since my divorce 8 years ago, so that is crazy. I also purchased a ticket to go see her in April, however yesterday I was contacted that one leg of the flight was canceled so dealing with Experian to either find me a new flight or give me a refund so I can purchase elsewhere. I removed all my breaks from my degree plan. I also learned more about what to expect concerning my degree completion which was a bummer since I learned it may take longer than initially thought to complete the dissertation component. Andie, my dog, had a bad morning last week which stressed me out. He seems fine now though. I started intermittent fasting. My commitments to the corrections committee I was on ended last week. I got a new laptop finally, my other one was ancient and could not even download new software. I also decided to once again try to increase my Lamictal meds. I’ve been told to increase them before and each time I tried it felt as if my skin was reacting to it. This time, I’ve taken it on myself to try again but slowly and pair it with allergy meds to see if my body would adjust. I’m tired of playing trial and error with my med doctor. I think that summarizes my week. It was very full.

Let’s take a look at this week. Today, Monday, I don’t believe I have any appointments. I know this week in general will be busy at work as I have two big items that have to semi-be deployed this week. Today I have to do a lot of preparation for both things so that they are ready for Wednesday. I need to look at my work calendar this morning to see what day this week I might be able to get away to go over to the County Clerks’ office. I have to get over there before 3 pm to get my passport application submitted. After work today I want to try to get a jump on my homework for the week.

Tuesday same comments as above concerning work and school As far as I know I don’t have any other appointments for Tuesday. I do want to try to hit up a meeting in the evening for recovery.

Wednesday after work I have my Detox commitment. I have missed the last two weeks due to illness so I am very much looking forward to going back.

Thursday I have my appointment with my med doctor. Outside of that pretty much just work and school stuff.

Friday, same as Thursday, work and school stuff. If I am efficient throughout the week there is a good chance I could perhaps have a full weekend so I could finally get all the cleaning done that I need and time to rest.

Saturday I have a haircut appointment in the morning and Charlie, my dog, has a haircut appointment in the afternoon.

I think for the most part work will be where I am busiest this week. In school, this is kind of a blah week as the assignments are related to Ethics. Seems like every class they have to throw in some type of ethics crap. It gets old and it is super boring.

I hope everyone has a productive and fulfilling week full of peace and present moments.

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