Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 08/29

Happy Monday morning everyone. Another busy week ahead. This week my homework assignment is a 10-point assignment. I haven’t read the description yet so not sure what it entails. I’ll scope it out after work today. Week 7 of this 12-week class, so we are on the back side of it now. I only have one commitment after work this week, which is my detox commitment on Wednesday. Friday I am setting up at the Art Festival in town, so Thursday I have to pack up my car and get all the art off the walls to get loaded up. I am working on a new picture right now, it’d be nice to get it done before Friday but that’ll depend on my homework assignment this week.

This Wednesday will be one month and I have worked out every day. The goal I had set for myself was to row every day I have met so far. In addition, most days I also swim for 30 min. The other goal was to track everything I eat, even on days when I go over my point target according to Weight Watchers. I actually gained weight the first 3 weeks, which I am attributing to my body adjusting to being physically active. I lost 0.60 this morning, which is literally nothing. But hopefully, that is the beginning of starting to lose versus gain. I have been keeping myself motivated by looking for other body changes, beyond weight and continually reminding myself that I am also doing this to help improve my mental health.

Anyway, enough morning ramblings from me. I wish you all peace in present moments this week.

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