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Week in Review – 10/9/22

I’ve never consistently done blogs about my week in review, but perhaps I should. I usually write a paragraph or two on it on my Week Ahead blogs. Regardless, tonight I felt a bit like writing. Not that I have particularly that much to share. I’ve been in Myrtle Beach for over a week now. My neighbor from back home has been kind enough to keep me posted on all the doings there. I got power back on Friday, and I hope to be able to confirm tomorrow one way or another about whether or not I have internet. The plan, I believe, will be to head back home on Saturday. The claims adjustor for my insurance is supposed to inspect my house on Tuesday this week. I’ll find out to what extent he thinks the damage is, which I guess is what dictates how much they are willing to pay to cover the costs. I did find out what my hurricane deductible is tonight, and it is an insane cost, 6k+. When I get back home, I get to go through the painful process of trying to get someone out for each of the jobs to review them to see how much it’ll cost and determine whether it’ll be worth paying the deductible or not. I’ll most likely need to look into taking out a loan to pay for all the repairs and/or deductible. So, I’ll need to research that when I get back as well.

The one bright spot of news is my pool guy was out and was able to get my pool back to where it was. At least, that is what my neighbor reported. So, I should be able to get back to swimming once I get home. That is fantastic news. I tried to use this gym pool while I was here in Myrtle Beach, and it was disgusting. I have been going to a gym every day since I’ve been here and I think I will join one when I get back home. I’ve really enjoyed lifting weights. I forgot how enjoyable that was. I lift weights at home, but they are not very heavy, and of course, I don’t have all that equipment. I’ll need to get the two gyms close to me priced out again and see which one I can afford.

My mom left the inpatient physical rehabilitation facility she was in after her major back surgery. She seems to be doing well. She is still, of course, tired a lot. It has been nice being here this week because I’ve gotten to help her with stuff.

I submitted my final paper for this 12-week research methods class today. I start my next class tomorrow. I believe it is about the family treatment of addiction or something along those lines. I forget the title of it offhand. It is an eight-week class. The one after that, which is looming, is a 12-week statistics class, yuck. PhDs are crazy expensive btw. I’ve been paying for it all out of pocket, and each class is about $3500. I have between 4 to 5 classes a year for maybe 5 years. You do the math. Yikes. It is painful now, but I am sure I will appreciate it when I am done and don’t have additional student debt hanging over me. Living in America is just expensive in general.

The other bright spot of my week is my girlfriend. I had really forgotten what it was like to actually be excited about someone. I thought my sex drive was broken and perhaps my heart too. Well, after not even a month of being with this woman, I can assure you that neither is broken. I haven’t seen this woman in 11 years, and it amazes me that she can still give me butterflies. I wake up every day, and I look forward to our chats. Long-distant relationships are challenging, especially ours. She is not just some $200 dollar ticket or time zone away. She is a passport, one day in the future, a two-day (one-way) flight, and $1500 away. When I am going to bed on a Sunday, she is starting her Monday morning work day. When I am starting my Monday morning work day, she is getting ready for bed. But we are making it work. We both are finding time for each other to connect daily. Really the point of talking about this at all is just to say that I am happy that I seem to finally be in a place to be open to a relationship, and a long distant one at that. Like fully committed to something.

I’ve been back on Facebook this week. Still deciding how long I will stay on it. In general, my mental health is good right now. I was able to go up on my mood stabilization med, and that has made a significant difference. Exercising every day and eating right has really improved my mental health as well. We will give it a few weeks, and if it seems to consume too much time or impact my mental health, then I’ll go back to my year break.

I suppose that is more or less my week in review. All in all, it has been a good week. The fall weather here in Myrtle Beach has been a nice change, although I am looking forward to getting back home to my bed, my office, and my pool. Anyhow, good night internet world. Wishing you all peace in present moments.

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