Daily Writing

Daily Writing – 08/05/22

Happy Friday Morning everyone! We made it through the week. Although I have a tough weekend of homework ahead. A very hard assignment this weekend. We are going to think positive though! I can do it! I started a new medication last night, Topamax, 25 mg twice a day to start. This is on top of the 100 mg of Lamictal I already take, and 75 mg of Effexor. We shall see how it goes. I was reading the review this morning and they are mixed. I like many others am worried to experience what some reported as mental slowness. Being in a demanding degree program and career, I don’t have that luxury. The good side effect is it is well known for weight loss, and trust me I wouldn’t be mad about that. Worst case scenario, if I notice bad side effects, I stop and try something else. Let’s hope for the best though! I started another drug recently too for my skin condition, I’ve only been on that for a week and it really seems to be helping so far. I am pretty psyched about that.

I had the weirdest dream last night. I had a bi-racial baby with someone and I was in court fighting for custody. Bizarre. I was listening to a lecture not long about dreams which was pretty fascinating. I can honestly say I don’t know much about dreams and what science has discovered about them so far. Anyhow, he was saying that they think that your dreams are basically like a place to try out different solutions to problems or social situations to see how they play out or would work. He brought up the point that dreams are always social. I had never really thought of that before but he is absolutely right, I’ve never had a dream where it was just me in it. How strange is that? The way he described it made me think of the mirror dimension in Dr. Strange. A fake world that mirrors the real world where you can try out different things without any real damage.

Well, just a short post today. I need to get my day started! Have a wonderful day!

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