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Vomit Diaries – Week Ahead (05/09/22)

This is about to be a very busy week. At work, I have a bunch of documentation I have to update which is actually something I enjoy. I also get to participate in some interviews which are fun. On Monday (today), I have a commitment to take a recovery meeting into a local jail. The drive is a bit long but it is nice. I generally jam out and enjoy the scenery. I am also a lot more grateful coming out than I was going in.

On Tuesday after work, I have to take my boys to the vet for their annual check. I’m sure I’ll end up dropping like $600 but it is worth it for peace of mind. After the vet appointment, I will be helping to facilitate the monthly committee meeting for corrections. We finally got some exciting news that one of the other jails is going to finally allow visitors so we’ll get to resume taking in recovery meetings after more than 2 years of being unable to due to Covid.

Wednesday morning I have my regular appointment with my med doctor so I can get my refills. Lord knows I need that. Then Wednesday evening I get to take a recovery meeting into a local detox center. One of my favorite commitments. I have grown and learned so much from this commitment.

Thursday after work I have my next chiropractor appointment. I started seeing a new one last week and I really like him. My back and neck feel way better.

Last but definitely not least on Friday I get to go to therapy. It has been way too long since my last appointment. I had to cancel my last appointment because of a covid scare and didn’t want to risk having germs spread. I have a lot to discuss with her.

Because of this very full week, this means that all of Saturday and Sunday will be spent doing homework since there will be very few pockets of time to work on it during the week.

Full weeks are generally fun but I will be looking forward to next week which will be a lot less full.

I hope everyone has a great week. Wishing you all peace in present moments!

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