Week Ahead

Week ahead – 01/23/23

Happy Monday morning, all, Let’s take a quick look ahead at the coming week. Today, I get to hear the author of my favorite book of 2022 speak at my company. I need to connect with the company fixing my fence, as they stated this was the week they would finally be able to start on that work. This week is officially the 4th week of my 12-week statistics class. I signed up for all the coaching sessions I could sign up. The topic the assignment is based on is probability. Tonight I am attending a coaching session on defining variables. I will also start on my readings for the week.

Tuesday, I am still determining what things I have going on at work. I don’t have any doctor’s appointments this week. I signed up for Tuesday’s SPSS: T-Tests coaching session.

Wednesday, I, of course, have my detox commitment. No school coaching sessions on Wednesday.

Thursday, I signed up for two coaching sessions. One on charts & variables and the other on SPSS: ANOVA/MONAVA.

There were no statistics coaching sessions on Friday, so I will work on finishing up my school readings for the week.

Saturday morning, I am getting a haircut. I hope to meet with my friend in the afternoon, who has been helping me get through this class, to work on my week four assignment.

I will need to meal prep for the week on Sunday, and I signed up again for the SPSS Introduction coaching session.

Outside of all the school work, my other goal for the week is committing to actions for my health. These actions include tracking all my meals, staying within my weight watcher point values, and getting some exercise each day.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and productive week.

Wishing you all peace in present moments.

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