Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 09/12/22

I am most definitely looking forward to a better week ahead. Last week I came down with some sort of sickness. I got tested and it stated it was not covid or the flu. If it was just a cold it was a pretty brutal one. It lasted a full week. I feel much better today. Figured I would write my week ahead post tonight since my plan tomorrow AM is to work out. Fingers crossed. I like exercising but the morning is rough. I prefer to ease into my days.

Tomorrow/Monday – I have work of course. Work has been pretty busy ever since early in the year. However, I think we are close to a place where some sort of normalcy will resume. The normalcy of not being slammed with projects on each side of me. I like a bit of madness but having some downtime to clean out my 1,000+ emails would also be nice. Tomorrow afternoon I have a dermatologist appointment. Then after that, I have to drive an hour out to take in my recovery commitment into the jail. It is my last one as I am stepping down from that commitment. Needless to say, tomorrow will be a busy day.

Tuesday – work again. Then in the evening, I have my last corrections commitment in-person meeting. I am currently the secretary of that committee but I am resigning from that commitment as well. Ideally, I also need to start looking at my week 9 assignment for school.

Wednesday – work and then in the afternoon I have a dentist appointment. One of my least favorite things. After that, I have my detox commitment. That I am looking forward to. I had to miss last week because I was sick.

Thursday/Friday – pretty sure is just work and then of course trying to get started on my homework assignment. Although on one of those days I think I have an appointment to take Andie in to get his nails cut. Which reminds me I need to call to make both the boy’s appointments for grooming. I also need to get my car cleaned sometime this week.

We are almost in the downhill stretch of this class. Week 9! This week I think I have to write a proposal for a quantitative research study. Last week was a qualitative study. This week might be a bit more interesting to me only because I am planning to do a quantitative study for my dissertation so there is actually potential that some of the work for this week’s paper may aid in my long-term tasks.

I have some other things to share but I think I’ll do them in a separate post. Perhaps tomorrow when I am fresh. Good night world.

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