Daily Writing

Daily Writing – 08/10/22

Well, I survived my Tuesday yesterday. Work was about as stressful as I anticipated it would be. I did ok, minus towards the end of the day, I feel like I could have showed up a bit better. I didn’t get a chance to swim yesterday due to a rainy day here in Florida. Today I am hoping I can squeeze in a swim and some sun. I have my recovery commitment at Detox tonight which I always enjoy. I didn’t start on my homework last night but I was able to find some pretty good research articles concerning my potential research problem so I am calling that a success.

This will probably be short. Most of my writing unfortunately while I am in school is short and uncreative. I want to continue to try to daily write when I can as it is good practice however any creative energy I have leftover I typically put toward my visual art. I have a new idea for an art piece I want to start soon using some whites and purples. I love pretty much every medium I’ve ever tried, with the exception of oils. I probably would love oils too if I took a class on it but every attempt I’ve done with them has been self-taught and I just can’t grasp it. At the moment I am digging colored pencils drawings. Well, off to work I go. Wishing everyone peace in present moments today!

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