Daily Writing · Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 07/25/22

Good Monday Morning all! I survived the weekend. My therapist informed me yesterday that she thinks my meds are off. Probably so. Going to try to get in to see my med doctor this week. This always makes me anxious. Last time I upped my Effexor I had increased suicide ideation. And I can’t up my Lamictal because it causes my skin condition to flare up. So to me seems like we will either be switching my mood stabilizer med (Lamictal) to something different or adding on another med. And the meds I can take for mood stabilization if I don’t want weight gain are limited. And trust me I do not need weight gain. So yeah, playing around with meds is never fun. But the alternative isn’t either. Having weekends like I just had are not safe.

I started my day today by making my bed. In either Atomic Habits or other habit books I’ve read they say that is advantageous. Studies I guess show that starting your day with a positive action trickles down into additional positive actions. Some guy even wrote a whole book titled, “Make Your Bed”. I should start work soon but honestly, I am not wanting to. Tonight I take a recovery meeting into a local jail here. My homework assignment for the week is to write an annotated bibliography with 10 research articles. I already have read two that I can use this week, so I need to locate and read 8 more. I actually don’t mind doing things like that because I enjoy reading even though it is hard reading and I enjoy the subject. This teacher seems to be a big stickler for APA. The video feedback he sent me for my week one assignment was hard to follow as the video had extreme buffering. But the biggest critiques he seemed to have were concerning APA. Therefore, I scheduled a writing tutoring session for Thursday to review my paper to better understand the changes I need to make. He said moving forward he would deduct points based on those errors.

Tomorrow, I’ll most likely spend doing homework. Wednesday, I take a recovery meeting into a detox center as I do every week. I will then do homework before and/or after that. Thursday I have a dermatology appointment, then my tutoring session, and then homework. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you guessed it, homework. In between all this homework, I am going to try to get in some swimming, some sunshine, and hopefully a little bit of art.

I’ve been trying to read my way through the Albert Bandura book on Self-Efficacy. While I think I’ll learn a lot from it, the reading is extremely slow and painful. It is not leisure reading it is a textbook and at times very boring. I try to read it before I go to bed but only make it a page before I start nodding out. Anyway, I hope you all have a productive week ahead!

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