Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 06/05/22

Another very busy week ahead. Especially work-wise. We get early access to the system we are migrating to and I have a bunch of training and documentation I need to do. It will be exhausting but also rewarding.

Monday, today, after work, I need to get a head start on my assignment for this week. The assignment this week is to create a 6 tri-fold brochure on Opioid use for a doctor’s office to provide to patients. Three more weeks till this class ends and I get another break. I need to also try to read articles for my literature review next week that will be due.

Tuesday after work I have a doctor’s appointment and then a recovery commitment.

Wednesday I have a therapy appointment and then my detox recovery commitment.

Thursday I want to go check out an in-person SMART Recovery meeting that is about 30 to 40 minutes away.

Friday – Sunday will be spent working on my homework this week and getting a head start on my assignment for next week.

Saturday night I have a recovery commitment.

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