Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 05/23/22

This week the key is to just not lose my mind. This is my last almost full week at work before my week off work. We are 20 some days away from this big system launch at work, so it is a bit insane, to say the least. Each day is completely full. On top of that, I have just 5 days, to get all the remaining things in tip-top shape around the house before my family comes in for a week-long visit on Saturday. Then we must not forget about school or my recovery commitments. Yeah, a shit show for sure. You know it is going to be a long week when it is 8:30 pm, and you are headed to bed.

Monday – Today, well since I am just now writing this, I didn’t really get to plan my day. I worked and then I had a doctor’s appointment. The goal was to clean when I got home but then discovered the cleaning supplies I needed I didn’t have. So I order them and instead started looking at my homework assignment for this week. My assignment this week is to write a real (de-identified) or fictional case study of an addict. Don’t get me wrong, I do like opportunities to be creative. Perhaps it is just because I am busy, but yeah, not looking forward to this assignment at all. I have a lot to read and write.

Tuesday – is a very full day at work. I believe I have calls pretty much all day and I’ll probably need to multi-task through some of them to try to get other stuff I’m working on done. Tuesday evening will be cleaning, probably some homework, and hopefully some swimming.

Wednesday – Another full day at work. Then in the evening, I have my weekly recovery commitment. I found a way to make arrangements for a translator to come in when there is a Spanish need. I just need to speak to the detox center to see if I can arrange it with them to be notified in advance on when it is needed. I also found someone who is willing to begin tutoring me in Spanish. I’ll be discussing with them later this week to see how much price-wise they’d want. This probably won’t leave much time for cleaning or schoolwork on Wednesday.

Thursday is the last day of work for the week so it will be very full. Thursday evening again will be a combination of cleaning and homework. I also signed up for a webinar at my school at 7 pm for this new research study they just got a grant to do on neuroscience and religion. I am curious to learn more about it. It would be an amazing opportunity if I got to participate in something like that.

Friday is a company holiday, so yay no work :). It is the last full day before my family arrives. I will try to get everything around the house about 98% done. I have a Chiropractor appointment in the afternoon. Again, homework and cleaning. My life is fun, right? lol.

Saturday I am supposed to get a haircut in the morning. My family doesn’t arrive until late Saturday evening so it really does give me all day. My goal is to finish and turn in my assignment and do any last-minute things around the house. I also have a recovery commitment Saturday evening.

Sunday – I plan to rest and enjoy time with my family.

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