Daily Writing · Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 05/16/22

Last week was a bit crazy with all of my appointments, service commitments, and school. I am looking forward to a more chill week ahead. This is my last full week before my family arrives so I need to try to commit to getting sections of the house in tip-top shape so I am not having to be exhausted next week trying to get it all done.

This week at work will be busy but fun. I need to make progress on documentation updates. I am hoping to be nearly done with most by the end of the week.

For school this week, my assignment is to create a PowerPoint explaining the different theoretical explanations of addiction. I’ve already been doing a lot of research on this. This will help me dive a bit deeper into it and fine-tune my understanding of some of the concepts. It only has to have 3 resources and PowerPoints are super easy and generally fun. Therefore not only will I have more time to work on my assignment this week (due to fewer commitments) but it will be less challenging than this last week’s assignment. I also determined based the professor’s grading of my week one assignment that he is an easy grader. This alleviates a lot of stress.

Monday (Today), I need to call my dermatologist to see about getting an appointment either this week or next. I also need to go back to the chiropractor. I may wait to do both of those appointments next week. We’ll see. Tonight after work I have information for a virtual SMART recovery meeting. I’ve been wanting to attend one for quite some time. I am going to go check it out tonight. I’ll also try to get in some cleaning and swimming and maybe some art. Definitely no homework tonight.

Tuesday – after work, I plan to mostly do homework. I want to get a good head start on that. Find the PowerPoint template that I want to use as well as the 3 sources and get a jump start on my reading. I will get in some time swimming as well.

Wednesday – I have my detox commitment after work. I will most likely not have time to do homework. I will probably do some reading for pleasure. I am nearly finished with the book that I’ve been reading, “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg.

Thursday – I am super stoked. I am going to the TEDx Miami event with a friend. There are some extremely interesting speakers. I am ready to expand my mind and learn about the interesting ideas my fellow humans have been working on. Here is a link that lists out the speakers.

Friday – I am sure I will spend it relaxing. Watching some tv and maybe doing some painting. If I am feeling ambitious I may work on my homework.

Saturday – I will spend the majority of the day doing my school assignment. The goal will be to complete it by EOD Saturday.

Sunday – Will be a combination of cleaning and relaxing. I have a service commitment in the afternoon but that should be fun. It is a potluck and who doesn’t like to eat. I am going to see about getting the recipe for this veggie pizza thing that is delicious.

I hope everyone has an amazing week! Wishing you peace in present moments!

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