Daily Writing

Today’s Tasks

I offically missed my first day of writing yesterday for the first time in I think over a week. I had a nice trend going. I honestly couldn’t think of anything to say and again the idea of trying to be creative and come up with some kind of story I just wasn’t feeling. Today I will keep my writing brief because for the next two days I have to focus on my assignment for school. My assignment this week is to write a debate over which substance is better to use, alcohol or cannabis from the following perspectives:

  • How widely the substance is used
  • If the substance is addictive
  • The side effects that the substance has
  • Physical dependence and withdrawal
  • Psychological dependence
  • The societal costs of the substance
  • Legal and ethical issues involved with the substance

It will be a lot of work and I am sure I will learn a lot in the process. The cool thing about going to school for something you are interested in, is it gives me the discipline to sit down and really dive into the different subject matter. When otherwise I would probably be watching tv, taking naps in the sun, or doing art.

Wishing you all peace in present moments.

Cover: Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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