I wish…

I wish the world was a different place,
Where we didn’t feel the need to compete,
Put downs and social media posts weren’t used to feel more complete,
Gossip and judgement wasn’t a way to belong,
That it wasn’t more important to be right, than to be wrong,
Where egos weren’t constantly on the defensive,
And happiness wasn’t so expensive.

I wish of a world not fettered with fear,
Where we talked less in order to better hear,
Outer beauty was valued less than the beauty within,
You didn’t have to lose, for others to win.

I wish for a world where it is understood,
Who you are is not defined by your livelihood,
Sometimes you gain by subtraction.
People don’t need fixed, they need compassion,
Giving doesn’t mean you receive less,
The more you give, the more you possess.
A win win, is better than a win lose,
Empathy is found in someone else’s shoes.
You are not alone,
You are more than the dash between two dates on a headstone.
Everyone has worth,
It came automatically at your time of birth.
Pain is unavoidable but suffering is not,
To change your life, simply change your thoughts.


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