Week Ahead

Week Ahead – 09/26/22

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was a mixture of things, really. I had to work on a paper for much of the weekend. I did have some downtime in the sun, which I appreciated. I also got a ton of cleaning done. I went to get my haircut on Saturday, which is when I learned about the approaching Hurricane. Then I went to go get gas, and the pre-hurricane mania had by then set in. Everyone was acting crazy. This always makes me super anxious. Not being born in Florida, these storms are still new to me. I’ve not yet lived through a storm. When the last big one hit, Irma, I left the state because everyone made me so anxious. I also had the news at the time and kept obsessively watching it. The news has an excellent way about them to get you into extreme panic. I guess I am as prepared as I could be for one of these things. I am happy this year I have a generator. I hope one of these years I will have storm shutters as well. That would make me feel a lot better. Anyway, let’s take a look at my week ahead.

Today, I have work, of course, and I also have a virtual therapy appointment for lunch. This will be my first appointment in almost two months. It is much needed. At 2:30 pm, I have an appointment for my car to get looked at. I think the starter might be going bad. That would be the last thing I need if trying to flee a hurricane, is my car not starting.

The rest of my week is actually pretty simplistic. Tuesday will be working on homework. I am in the last two weeks of this class, and this week is preparing for next week’s assignment, which is worth 30 points. I think that is more than a third of the grade for this class.

Wednesday same things, work, homework. I do have my detox commitment, as I do every week. However, this week may get canceled for the Hurricane. I believe we are supposed to fully feel the effects of the Hurricane on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday same things, work, and homework. Dealing with the hurricane.

Friday, I have an in-person therapy appointment if it isn’t canceled due to the storms. Potentially two therapy appointments in one week. I could definitely use them both.

This weekend I hope to get a jump start on my final assignment for the class so that I am not as stressed out in my last week.

Totally not exciting, outside of the massive storm coming my way. I hope that everyone who is in the path of the storm remains safe. Wishing you all peace in present moments!

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