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Hard Day

Hard days end with me not flossing.

I’ve been flossing since I was old enough to do it successfully. And it is probably the only habit I’ve managed to do almost perfectly most of my life. So, if there is ever a day when I don’t floss, that was a hard day. Today I did not floss.

I had very little sleep, I was emotionally hungover, it was a rainy day here, I watched some stupid love sappy BS on Hulu, and hated being single. That was my day. I made it through but barely.

My one highlight is my sanctuary, where I can always go when things get hard. I can always find reprieve in my art.

I don’t feel like thinking anymore about my week. Therefore, today’s short post will be a little forward-thinking. My vision for the future I am working toward contains a Ph.D. on the wall of an office in a big University where I teach. I’m engaged in research concerning addiction and help make some discoveries and strategies around behavioral addictions. As a result of the research, I was able to write a New York Times bestseller and do a weekly podcast that often features my significant other. My significant other is a loving empathetic nurturing woman, who is emotionally intelligent, driven, and creative. She is understanding of my needs and I of hers. She is reciprocal emotionally and often likes to meet my needs with words of affirmation and affection. She more often than not is very condoning to this adventurous, spontaneous, romantic heart of mine.

I live in a blue state close to the University where no one looks twice to see a butch woman entering a female bathroom. The house I own with my partner is not too big or too small. It meets our needs along with the needs of our fur babies.

We vacation at our rental home in SW Florida visiting the beautiful beaches and exploring. It is our constantly available escape and earns us a nice extra income when we are not there.

On the weekends a couple Saturdays a month, I set up at art festivals and I am locally recognized for my art. I make enough money off my art to allow my partner and me the comfort of being able to travel and explore when desired. On the other weekends of the month, I assist her with her volunteer work or we spend it exploring.

I continue to be committed to recovery and have several service commitments. I am able to help meet a need locally to hold Spanish-speaking meetings because of the lessons from my barber when I was living in Florida.

I hope this is what I dream about tonight…

Wishing you all peace in present moments. Night.

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