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Dreamy Wonders

Weird dreaming last night. Dreamt that my parents had come into millions and I had talked them into giving me one million. The joy of being able to pay off everything in my life that very day was so overwhelmingly beautiful. Makes me wonder what happened or what I watched right before bed that had me stressing about money. I also had a short dream last night about being at the grocery store with my parents and losing track of them at one point, losing track of the car at another point, then finding the car but then losing track of the groceries. One of the most reoccurring dreams that I have is of losing things or not being able to find something. My guess is that this is PTSD leftover from losing my car back when I was a blackout drunk.

Dreams are a funny phenomenon. I also think it is strange that each creature on earth seems to have an average number of hours it sleeps each day. That number is encoded in our biology. Like the average human performs best after having had 8 hours of sleep. Whereas other animals such as Koala bears sleep around 20 hours a day. How is that determined and built into our biology? Why do some beings need more than others? This is similar to life span expectancy. Each creature also has a built-in timeclock concerning life expectancy. Some like sea turtles live hundreds of years, whereas the max for the average human is 100, but usually somewhere between 80 to 90. Why do some animals such as sea turtles live longer? If you ask a scientist they would say it is due to their metabolism. And while I don’t argue with that, I still don’t understand why creatures are all created with different metabolisms? Why are there so many variances of creatures to begin with? This causes me to reflect on the various creatures we live with today in wonder. I mean, we live with dinosaurs! Giant spotted animals with crazy long necks! Walking and swimming lizards. Fish the size of football fields. We live with unicorns!

Photo by Keith Markilie on Unsplash

This is the rabbit hole type thinking I can get into before 8 am on Wednesday.

Anyway, wishing you all peace in present moments today!

Cover image: Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

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