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Each day sitting down to type, assimilating words into something that didn’t previously exist. It mirrors the type of creativity that one partakes in when you find figures in the clouds. It is similar to the connect the dot drawings created as kids. Free association of sorts, whatever the hidden words lay dusted within the synapses of the brain. We may have been burdened knowing we will die, but we were enlightened with the aptitude for expression and language.

There are few greater joys than creation. Marveling about creation always begs the question as to its purpose. The ergatocracy design of construction to remain behind when life passes the creator by. Perhaps it is only through the exchange that leviathan achievements can be made. Denying this exchange through a life absent of origination is almost polrumptious.

Creativity and the intrepid ability to share your designs expand the more it is propagated. It is a muscle and with its continued application, becomes powerful and attractive. Through misuse, it becomes torpid and anemic. Therefore, flex on my friends.

Words of the day:

  • Leviathan – something large or formidable.
  • Ergatocracy – the administration of the workers, for the workers, by the workers.
  • Polrumptious – Restive, rude, obstreperous, uproarious. Raucous, disruptive, unruly; overconfident.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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