Family of Royal Palms and Me

There once were three palm trees whose abode was my front yard,
It is unknown to me when someone decided that this should be where they lived,
I find it interesting how little regard most give to those who dwell near them,
Nevertheless, when I bought this house I became apart of their family.
Often I would take walks and admire their beauty,
I posted their pictures on Facebook in rodomont fashion,
One was a giant royal palm and he stood well over 20 feet tall,
His immediate family were two smaller royal palms, twins, as they mirrored each other,
They embodied their names well, beautifully smooth and slender with fluffy and flowing palms that were combed gently by the wind.
They were taciturn in nature but our connection went beyond speech,
Then one-day tragedy struck our family,
Literally. The giant royal palm was struck by lightning,
Killing him and inevitably causing me to have him cut down,
I was fraught with grief over the loss,
The two beauties who stood next to him seemingly unaffected,
Interesting how differently humans react to loss,
To this day, as I write of him from my scriptorium overlooking where he once resided, I still miss him.

Words of the Day:

Fraught causing or characterized by emotional distress or tension :uneasy
Taciturn adj. Reserved or uncommunicative in speech
Abode the place where someone lives — usually singular
scriptorium a room , esp in a monastery , set apart for the writing or copying of manuscripts
rodomont noun: A vain boaster

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